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Hazelcast IMDG Accelerates Risk Management Reporting, Decreases Risk Exposure

Since the financial crisis of 2008, risk management and capital adequacy have become a top focus for regulatory bodies around the world. It has increasingly become important for many businesses to provide accurate and timely risk reporting to regulatory agencies. Older risk systems often store data in relational databases (RDBMS), sometimes using 3rd party software and schemata. The transfer of this data from front to middle and then to back office systems is often a fragile, batch-oriented process. These flows can be hard to understand and transform. Additionally, bringing together this data often requires lengthy development projects to compensate for mismatched schemata and platforms. Hazelcast IMDG® provides a unique set of features that are perfectly suited to unifying corporate risk data, making the needed analytics and reporting relatively easy — and doing all of this across a highly available, low latency platform.

Why Most Data Stores Fall Short…

Why Hazelcast IMDG is Ideal…

Due to differences in schemata, relational databases often have difficulties exchanging data in real-time or even batch. Hazelcast IMDG is a schema-less data store and can adapt to the changing data needs of your organization, and time to production is significantly accelerated.
RDBMS solutions have a high cost of initial development in terms of software and hardware, as well as with ongoing maintenance. Hazelcast IMDG can scale with much less effort than NoSQL and RDBMS, reducing operational involvement and associated hardware costs.
For real-time analytics on large volumes of data, NoSQL and RDBMS solutions suffer from latency issues, as both may store only a subset of data. As a fully in-memory data store, Hazelcast IMDG can transform and ingest data in microseconds, providing throughput and query.
Database-to-grid architectures require movement of data back and forth creating more points of failure, more hardware, and dramatically increasing processing time of jobs. Hazelcast IMDG is both a distributed computation system and a data store in the same footprint — eliminating network transit latency penalties from moving data back and forth.

Customer Success Story

SunGard Asset Management have used Hazelcast® to provide a complete overhaul of their risk system architecture including analytics grids, market and security masters, reporting engines, and tooling. The product developed by the team is now in place at major financial institutions around the globe. “When developing financial risk systems you are faced with a number of challenges such as implementation and distribution of complex algorithms, Big Data, class modelling and UX design. Selecting the right technology can help you tremendously and simplify your architectures. Hazelcast forms the foundation of Sungard’s risk product offering and delivers significant benefits to us in a number of areas. The open architecture allows us to understand and find the optimal solutions to the challenges we are up against.” – Ingemar Svensson, CTO at Sungard Asset Management Risk and Valuation

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