Use Case

Risk Management

Hazelcast IMDG accelerates risk management reporting and decreases risk exposure.


Hazelcast In-Memory solutions provide the ideal framework to reduce risk and simplify reporting requirements.

Hazelcast In-Memory solutions provide the ideal framework to reduce risk and simplify reporting requirements.

Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform provides a market-leading set of features that are perfectly suited to unifying corporate risk data, making the needed analytics and reporting easier on your organization — and doing all of this across a highly available, low-latency platform.

Reporting Requirements
Reporting Requirements

It has become increasingly important for businesses to provide accurate and timely risk reporting to regulatory agencies. Having accurate and easily available information isn't just convenient, it's required.

In-Memory Approach
In-Memory Approach

Older risk management systems store data in relational databases (RDBMS), sometimes using third-party software and schemata, which often leads to delays in access, and increases risk of non-compliance. Hazelcast In-Memory solutions eliminate this issue entirely.

Latency and Stability
Latency and Stability

The transfer of financial data from front-end to back office and systems of record is often a fragile, batch-oriented process. Data can be lost or corrupted in transit, and guess who's held responsible?

Development Costs
Development Costs

Integrating back-end systems of record with front-end customer information systems often requires lengthy development projects to compensate for mismatched schemata and platforms. Storing all this information in-memory removes this problem.

Why Most Data Stores Fall Short

Why Hazelcast IMDG is Ideal

Due to differences in schemata, relational databases often have difficulties exchanging data in real time or even batch.

Hazelcast IMDG is a schema-less data store that can adapt to the changing data needs of your organization, significantly accelerating time to production.

RDBMS solutions have a high cost of initial development in terms of software and hardware, as well as with ongoing maintenance.

Hazelcast IMDG can scale with much less effort than NoSQL and RDBMS, reducing operational involvement and associated hardware costs.

For real-time analytics on large volumes of data, NoSQL and RDBMS solutions suffer from latency issues, as both may store only a subset of data.

As a fully in-memory data store, Hazelcast IMDG can transform and ingest data in microseconds, providing throughput and query.

Database-to-grid architectures require movement of data back and forth, creating more points of failure, more hardware requirements, and a dramatic increase in job processing time.

Hazelcast IMDG is both a distributed computation system and a data store in the same footprint — eliminating network transit latency penalties from moving data back and forth.

Drive compliance and risk mitigation to new levels

99.999% uptime

When sub-second speed matters, and it always does

2-3X faster than Redis

Security without compromise

10K TPS w/SSL/TLS 1.2 w/Open SSL

Don’t just meet SLAs, comfortably exceed them

Meet Compliance Requirements More Easily

Hazelcast In-Memory solutions can make compliance a matter of minutes, rather than a matter of days.

Simplify and Accelerate Your Infrastructure

Remove latency challenges associated with depending on back-end systems of record by keeping all relevant data in-memory for quick and easy access.

Improve Performance

Scale and improve your performance elastically, reducing hardware requirements and driving efficiency.

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