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Inventory Management

Hazelcast IMDG Accelerates Inventory Checks, Speeds Purchases

E-commerce sales are the growth engine for retail, returning 16% year-over-year (YoY) growth as compared to brick and mortar sales growth of 1.8% YoY. Inventory management is key for successful e-commerce. The sheer volume of e-commerce’s data and its velocity mean that architects face challenges on par with or exceeding those of the most popular social networks. A common problem is that data warehousing and inventory databases lack consistency with the data held in customer-facing e-commerce systems. Stock levels can often be minutes out of sync, and customers attempting to check out may find that the items in their cart are sold out. At best it’s a lost sale; at worst it’s a lost customer for life. Returning customers account for over 20% of retail YoY growth. That’s why major enterprises are turning to in-memory data grids – and Hazelcast IMDG in particular – to manage their inventory in real-time.

Why Most Datastores Fall Short…

Why Hazelcast IMDG is Ideal…

Traditional relational databases such as Oracle or Microsoft use normalized data schemata that read-write from disk –not memory. This leads to poor application query performance resulting in unacceptable online customer experiences. Hazelcast is a schema-less in-memory data store; it reacts much faster to query demands than typical DBMS or NoSQL solutions. Hazelcast is approximately 1,000 times faster than a DBMS.
DBMSes are expensive to scale. Typically they require individual hard drives where partitioning is not virtualized, leading to large scale misallocation of unused pockets of memory. Newer in-memory DMBSes still have massive feature sets requiring an inordinate amount of memory and server resources to scale. Hazelcast is an easy to scale in-memory data store with all memory virtualized and redundantly maintained by software nodes. Hazelcast IMDG maximizes memory hardware utilization economies of scale.
Many NoSQL solutions such as Cassandra lack the speed required to keep up with today’s transaction volumes, as they rely on disk-based storage. Hazelcast IMDG parallelizes and distributes processing across the nodes of the grid so that as you add more nodes throughput increases while latency decreases.

Customer Success Story

Target ( chose Hazelcast to be the in-memory store for their omni-channel inventory management system, which includes their customer-facing e-commerce website. Before completing a purchase, in-cart items are checked against in-store stock, distribution centers, and drop-ship vendors. Previously Target had been using Cassandra; however, latencies between the main system and the stock systems from their various channels were outside Target’s desired performance service-levels. The introduction of Hazelcast IMDG to their inventory system resulted in a 1,000% reduction in latency and allowed Target to achieve a speedy online purchase experience.