Training Courses

Hazelcast Essentials

Instructor Led Training

Ready to take the first steps in understanding In-Memory Data Grids? Hazelcast® Essentials walks developers through how to construct Hazelcast Clusters and deliver basic caching/compute services. Students will be introduced to the fundamental features of Hazelcast and how they may be applied to solve various use cases.

This course is suitable for Developers and Architects with no prior or very basic knowledge of Hazelcast.

Hazelcast for Caching

Instructor Led Training

Due to the in-memory nature of Hazelcast, caching is a very common use case for many applications. Hazelcast for Caching introduces students to the Hazelcast APIs used to enable caching capabilities for applications.

This course is designed for experienced Java developers with prior knowledge of caching products.

Hazelcast for Distributed Computing

Instructor Led Training

Hazelcast for Distributed Computing courses provide developers the tools they need to quickly and efficiently process and query data stored in clusters—in many cases without the need for heavy weight pessimistic locking.

Hazelcast for DevOps

Instructor Led Training

Planning to go into production with a Hazelcast-backed application? Curious about the practical aspects of deploying and running such applications? Hazelcast for DevOps provides an introduction to the most important aspects of successfully deploying and operating a Hazelcast installation.

Hazelcast Certification Program (HCP)

Hazelcast certification is available for our partners and user community globally.