Development, Deployment and Architecture

Hazelcast® consulting, including our certified SI partners, offers more than just technical expertise. We offer a world class service called “Integrated Technical Resource” which adds one of our certified solution architects as a virtual member to your team.

Hazelcast solution architects take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you solve them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. Your deadlines become our deadlines.

  • Development Review & Guidance – This service is designed to help with your deployment and development of Hazelcast by providing expertise in key aspects of Hazelcast APIs, assisting with the proper components, and basic code review to ensure that Hazelcast best practices are applied.
  • Architecture Review & Guidance – Enlist a Hazelcast solution architect to help you to create and design production applications that use Hazelcast by providing expertise in key aspects of architecture design, assisting with the security configuration and design, helping with hardware and network requirements, and providing application-code reviews.
  • High-Availability Review & Guidance – This service is designed to set up a Hazelcast cluster for horizontal scaling and high availability by providing expertise in key aspects of high availability design, assisting with Partition Groups, High-Density Memory Store (off-heap memory) management and configuration, Hot Restart Store system back-up design and management, and Wide Area Network Replication deployment, and application configuration.
  • Performance Evaluation and Tuning – This service is designed to help you improve application performance based on your application requirements by providing expertise in key aspects of performance design, assisting with serialization, latency and throughput optimization, and application configuration. A Hazelcast solution architect will work with you to run simulations of your production Hazelcast profile for code verification before going live with a new application, upgrade or system change.
  • DevOps Review & Guidance – Give your operations and devops teams the skills and tools to run and manage Hazelcast in production. This engagement offers basic DevOps training and customizable services to help you set up and use Hazelcast Management Center and Hazelcast Simulator.

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