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Replicated Sessions: Fail-safe HTTP sessions with Hazelcast


In this webinar

Your new web application is running on numerous servers, each with a load balancer in place to route requests to the next available server in case one goes down. You think you’re safe in the event a server does go down, but what happens to all the user session data in the other servers? If session data is not backed up somewhere, you’ll inevitably lose it all if a server crashes. And saving sessions to a database? Isn’t that too 90’s?

In this webinar we’ll introduce you to the Hazelcast® Web Session Replication module. The Web Session Replication module makes replicating and distributing data easier than ever.

We’ll cover these topics

  • Introduction to and benefits of Hazelcast Web Session Replication
  • Sample application for “universal” filter based session replication
  • Tomcat and Jetty specific session replication
  • Live Q&A

Presented By:

Emrah Kocaman
Software Engineer

Emrah joined Hazelcast® with over 7 years experience of building enterprise Java and Android applications. At his previous roles, he helped the financial and telco companies with various Java projects. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Tweet him @emrahkocaman.