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Keep your caches hot across application restarts: Hazelcast Hot Restart Store


In this webinar

As RAM sizes reach into the terabyte range, modern application servers rely ever more on RAM caches for good performance, keeping almost all data in them. However, this makes the cost of application shutdown or crash much worse than just the downtime; it might take even days to gradually reconstruct the hot set in the caches.

This is where Hot Restart Persistence comes in: it backs up the data in file-based storage and efficiently reloads it on restart. Since it is closely integrated with the internals of Hazelcast®’s memory management, it outperforms general-purpose persistence solutions like databases.

We’ll cover these topics

  • Dramatically reduce the cost of application crashes
  • Get the benefits of persistence at cache speeds
  • Learn when to use Hot Restart Store
  • Learn when not to use Hot Restart Store
  • Q&A Session

Hot Restart Store is available with Hazelcast Enterprise HD

Presented By:

Marko Topolnik
Marko Topolnik
Senior Software Engineer

Marko Topolnik is a senior engineer in the Jet Core team. He has been with Hazelcast® since 2015, holds a PhD in computer science and has a six-figure score on Stack Overflow.