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Accelerate Existing Applications without Changing Code Using Hazelcast and Heimdall


Hazelcast® allows companies to dramatically speed up applications by reducing the query load on databases and using in-memory caching to return results faster. Integrating Hazelcast into an existing application requires modifying the application code – something that isn’t always possible due to cost, time, or lack of source code access.

Join us for our latest webinar as we demonstrate how Heimdall can be used to “Hazelcast-enable” any existing application without changing its code. Heimdall works at the JDBC-level intercepting queries and translating them into requests for Hazelcast cache objects. Heimdall allows an application developer or owner to dynamically create caching rules for SQL queries at run-time and leverage the dramatic performance improvements from memory-based caching. In just five minutes, any Java application can be transformed to use Hazelcast caching, as well as load balancing, high-availability with automated failover, SQL query transformation, routing, and performance visibility and analysis.

In This Webinar

  • How to use Hazelcast on existing applications
  • Overview of Heimdall architecture and high-level discussion of functionality
  • Learn how easy it is to integrate Heimdall into an existing application and how it works with Hazelcast
  • Customer case studies and use cases
  • Demo of how Heimdall and Hazelcast integration and caching work together.

Presented By:

Dr. Ramon Lawrence
VP of Engineering
Heimdall Data

Dr. Ramon Lawrence is VP of Engineering at Heimdall Data and an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a research focus in database systems. His research and development activities have produced software systems for data virtualization and integration (, querying NoSQL databases, including MongoDB, using SQL, and over 50 publications. He has performed database design projects for Fortune 500 companies including GE. Dr. Lawrence is a member of the ACM and senior member of IEEE.