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Learn the Advantages of Using Hazelcast with Spring Data


In this webinar

Spring Data is a popular tool in the Spring ecosystem that brings a unified approach to data access that enables
applications to treat data sources as interchangeable. An application using the Spring Data paradigm can make
CRUD and query operations through a standard repository interface and can largely ignore the specifics of the

The Spring Data for Hazelcast® module allows this behavior using Hazelcast as the backing store, implementing the @Repository interface and with querying capabilities.

From a developer’s perspective, repository access is standardized, there’s no need to know how that the backend
is Hazelcast, simplifying their personal tech stack.

From an architecture’s viewpoint, all the benefits of Hazelcast (speed, scaling, resilience, etc) can be obtained for minimal effort.

We’ll cover these topics

  • What Spring Data is and the benefits it brings
  • The advantages of using Hazelcast with Spring Data compared to traditional databases
  • Basics of the coding, querying and general capabilities
  • Demo of a full example, available to download after
  • Live Q&A

After the webinar, visit for the implementation of Spring Data Hazelcast and tests in src/test/java

Presented By:

Neil Stevenson
Neil Stevenson
Senior Solution Architect

Neil is a solution architect for Hazelcast®, the world’s leading open source in-memory data grid.
In more than 25 years of work in IT, Neil has designed, developed and debugged a number of software systems for companies large and small.