Real-Time Responsiveness Made Easier in the Cloud

| Video
| 45 minutes

Businesses are getting significant value from the agility and pay-per-consumption advantages of the cloud, and now they’re looking to get more value from their cloud data. One area of exploration is the pursuit of real-time responsiveness to deliver a better experience that their customers expect.

Our new Hazelcast Viridian Serverless cloud-managed service promises to simplify “real-time” in the cloud. Please watch our on-demand webinar to hear Dale Kim, senior director of technical solutions, and Finn Liu, cloud product manager, discuss opportunities for adding real-time capabilities to your cloud infrastructure. They will cover:

  • Why “real-time” with data is still hard (and misunderstood)
  • What are the key architectural approaches for solving real-time
  • How new capabilities in the new Hazelcast Viridian Serverless cloud managed service will simplify your journey

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