How You Can Quickly and Effortlessly Integrate Your Database with Hazelcast


Hazelcast Auto Database Integration (Auto DBI) is a highly efficient time-saving tool for working with databases. It streamlines the development of Hazelcast applications by generating a Java domain model representation (POJOs and more) of the database, allowing companies to be productive with Hazelcast in no time. In addition, it integrates with any RDBMS and supports most standard database types, including BLOB and CLOB.

In this webinar, you will learn some of Auto DBI’s capabilities, such as:

  • Automatic generation of POJOs, MapStore/MapLoad, Serializations Factory, etc.
  • Ingest Support and parallel loading of tables
  • Write-through, Write-behind and IMDG-only operations
  • Deployment in Hazelcast Cloud
  • Schema changes

Presented By:

David Brimley
David Brimley
VP, Product Management

David has traveled the world, helping people make sense of in-memory data grids. With 30 years in the IT industry, he began his career as a Cobol programmer before moving into investment banking IT as a Java developer and architect. During this time, David developed a deep interest in distributed systems research, focusing on consensus and reliability. He has deep expertise in server-side Java, developing highly concurrent, high-throughput systems. Throughout his career, he has programmed and architected business-critical trading systems using technologies such as Oracle Coherence, Pivotal Gemfire and Hazelcast. In addition to being a Hazelcast blog contributor, David provides IMDG technology insight through his own blog at

Per Minborg
Per Minborg
Speedment, Inc.

Per Minborg is CTO at Speedment, Inc. in Palo Alto. He is focusing on high-performance solutions, cloud technologies, and concurrent programming. He is a regular speaker at various conferences such as. JavaOne alumni, Devnexus, jdays, and JUGs. Per has 15+ US patent applications and invention disclosures. He runs the blog “Minborgs Javapot blog” with a million reader, he is a co-author of Modern Java – Research Guides. He has studied computer science and computer security at a Ph.D. level.