It’s a Real-Time, Real-Time, Real-Time, Real-Time World

| Video
| 45 minutes

Businesses today are running a series of races where they seek to meet the growing expectations of their customers in terms of fast responsiveness. IT teams attempt to shoehorn “partial real-time” technologies into their infrastructure but actually end up with technical debt.

Hazelcast recently released the latest version of its real-time data platform, which lets customers build applications that act on data as soon as it is created. Unlike other data platforms that are only about fast access to data, Hazelcast provides that as well as a stream processing engine to get immediate value from data in motion.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Dale Kim, senior director of technical solutions, and Mike Yawn, senior solutions architect, discuss this new product release and how it helps customers deploy new innovations in real-time systems.

We will cover:

  • What is required in a real-time data platform
  • New features in the latest release
  • Example use cases that drive true real-time advantages

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