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Introducing Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise on AWS


Hazelcast’s IMDG distributed in-memory data grid has always been well-suited for cloud deployment, and many businesses have used IMDG to build and deploy high performance, mission-critical applications into the cloud.

Now, deploying Hazelcast-powered applications in a cloud-native way becomes even easier with the introduction of Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise, a fully-managed service built on the Enterprise edition of Hazelcast IMDG.

In this webinar, you will learn how to make Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise part of your cloud strategy, by:

  • Instantiating a highly-available distributed cache in minutes
  • Connecting your client application to the cache securely
  • Monitoring your data structures using Management center

Presented By:

Mike Yawn
Mike Yawn
Senior Solution Architect

Mike Yawn is a Senior Solutions Architect with Hazelcast, the provider of the leading operational In-Memory Computing Platform.  In that role, he provides pre-sales consulting on Hazelcast IMDG, Hazelcast Jet, and Hazelcast Cloud solutions to commercial customers.  Prior to joining Hazelcast, Mike performed a number of consulting and R&D functions with HP, eBay, Oracle, and EMC, supporting customers in manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and other industries.

Seb BenMBarek
Seb BenMBarek
Product Manager for Hazelcast Cloud managed service
Seb BenMBarek, a French native living in London, is the Product Manager for Hazelcast Cloud managed service.
Prior to Hazelcast, Seb spent most of his career in the Finance Industry.
Most recently he worked on migrating mission-critical workloads from private Datacenter to the public Cloud for a tier 1 Bank.