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Recorded Webinar

Hazelcast High-Density Memory Store: The World of Big Data and Low Latencies

60 minutes
Recorded October 4, 2016

In this webinar

Garbage Collector is a great friend, but fierce enemy. It gives you an wonderful illusion of unbound memory. It’s a world where you never ever have to de-allocate and segmentation faults are things of the past. However every illusion comes with its price. In this case the price has a three letter acronym: STW – Stop The World.

In this webinar we will show you how to use Hazelcast® High-Density Memory Store to get the best of both worlds:

  • Nice programming model provided by Java
  • Predictable latencies where the maximum pause does not grow with your data set

We’ll cover these topics

  • Common issues with big heaps in Java
  • Garbage Collectors in common JVMs
  • How High-Density Memory Store can keep your latencies under control

Don’t let Stop-The-World pauses ruin your business!


Jaromir Hamala, Director of Engineering at Hazelcast

I'm a developer at Hazelcast®. I wrote my first line of code when I was 7 years old. Since than I was always interested in "How this system works under the hood?" I like pushing systems towards limits, brushing my skills by exploring HotSpot source code, contributing to open source projects and arguing about development over a pint of beer.