From Edge to Cloud: Boosting Data-Driven Business Performance in Times of Uncertainty


In this time of economic precariousness, all organizations must closely examine the work they’re doing and how it can make more of an impact. Businesses must also address the performance of their “things”— the delivery trucks on highways, IV infusion pumps in hospitals, machine tools in factories, and other assets producing data that can be used to maximize performance and minimize spending. But many companies are still struggling to understand how to most efficiently and cost-effectively capture data from all of the things at the edge of their business, as well as how to transport that data back to their corporate data center or to the cloud.

Join Hazelcast and Intel for this deep dive into how your organization can create a single, unified data plane that extends all the way from the myriad things at the edge of your business right into your corporate cloud or data center. You’ll learn how to leverage data science and machine learning to:

  • Unlock game-changing business insights
  • Revolutionize asset performance
  • Slash operating costs

Presented By:

Lucas Beeler
Lucas Beeler
Principal Solution Architect

Lucas is a Principal Solutions Architect at Hazelcast, where he helps Hazelcast’s most demanding customers architect, design, and operationalize enterprise software systems based around Hazelcast IMDG and Jet. Before joining Hazelcast, Lucas held similar positions at GigaSpaces and GridGain, giving him a uniquely broad and deep understanding of the in-memory platform space. Lucas holds a B.S.E. in computer science from the University of Michigan.