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Enriching Data Streams with Hazelcast Jet


Enrichment is a frequent technical use case in stream processing. It is a translation of the traditional star schema into the low-latency continuous processing world: the stream of facts is enriched using slowly changing dimension data.

Hazelcast Jet 0.7, released in October 2018, introduces new tools to make enrichment more convenient:

  • A streaming lookup API allowing you to enrich streams with data from a Hazelcast distributed cache or any other remote system of record
  • Custom connector API to retrieve lookup data from a variety of sources
  • Management Center to inspect the data flow in real-time

In this webinar you will learn how to do high-performance stream enrichment. We’ll discuss multiple ways of enrichment, explaining the trade-offs. We will feature hands-on examples and live coding using Hazelcast Jet 0.7.

Presented By:

Marko Topolnik
Marko Topolnik
Senior Software Engineer

Marko Topolnik is a senior engineer in the Jet Core team. He has been with Hazelcast® since 2015, holds a PhD in computer science and has a six-figure score on Stack Overflow.

Vladimír Schreiner
Vladimír Schreiner
Product Manager, Hazelcast Jet

Vladimir is a product manager with an engineering background and deep expertise in stream processing and real-time data pipelines. Ten years of building internal software platforms and development infrastructure have made him passionate about new technologies and finding ways to simplify data processing. Vladimir co-authored two white papers on the topic: Understanding Stream Processing: Fast Processing of Infinite and Big Data, and A Reference Guide to Stream Processing. His tutorial video on stream processing and real-time data pipelines discusses the building blocks of a stream processing pipeline and demonstrates how developers can write a full-blown streaming pipeline in less than a hundred lines of Java code for a variety of applications. Vladimir is also a lecturer with the Czechitas Foundation, whose mission is to inspire women and girls to explore the world of information technology. Czechitas Foundation teaches coding in various programming languages, software testing, and data analysis.