Enriching Data Streams with Hazelcast Jet

| Video
| 60 minutes

Enrichment is a frequent technical use case in stream processing. It is a translation of the traditional star schema into the low-latency continuous processing world: the stream of facts is enriched using slowly changing dimension data.

Hazelcast Jet 0.7, released in October 2018, introduces new tools to make enrichment more convenient:

  • A streaming lookup API allowing you to enrich streams with data from a Hazelcast distributed cache or any other remote system of record
  • Custom connector API to retrieve lookup data from a variety of sources
  • Management Center to inspect the data flow in real-time

In this webinar you will learn how to do high-performance stream enrichment. We’ll discuss multiple ways of enrichment, explaining the trade-offs. We will feature hands-on examples and live coding using Hazelcast Jet 0.7.

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