Building the Business Case for Hazelcast

White Paper

This white paper is for Developers, IT Managers, Architects and other IT leaders who are building the business case for Hazelcast®, the leading In-Memory Data Grid. This paper is divided into 12 sections. The best way to use this paper is as
a guidebook for building your own business case out of the complete set of business drivers for deploying Hazelcast.

The most important approach to building a business case is to identify the strongest priorities for the budget holding authority. Each of the 12 sections focus on a distinct organizational pain point, and each section explains how this pain point can be resolved by Hazelcast and how to logically build the business case around these pain points. Most organizations will consist of a unique combination of pain points, the best strategy will be to select a primary pain point that resonates with the IT leadership and their strategic goals.

These 12 sections are divided into 3 business case themes, Reducing Cost, Improving Flexibility and Adding New Capabilities to your organization.