Product Features

SQL Querying

Use SQL to query data in maps, Kafka topics, or a variety of file systems. Results can be sent directly to the client or inserted into maps or Kafka topics.

Use an Industry Standard for Querying Data

Hazelcast supports SQL querying to allow anyone familiar with the industry-standard language to interact with in-memory data. Leveraging the sophisticated query engine built into Hazelcast, the SQL support adds a well-known interface to run queries and offers:

  • The ability to query large amounts of data in an industry-standard way, with the same query specificity of the existing Hazelcast Predicate-based design
  • The option to make use of a new, high-performance concurrent off-heap B+ tree indexes
  • More advanced query optimization



Take advantage of in-memory speeds, and also gain further performance via indexes and advanced query optimization.


Initial support entails “select” queries; the roadmap includes the goal of extensive, standard SQL support for create/read/update/delete (CRUD) operations.


Query fields (“attributes”) for more granular results, instead of only querying on the primary key.


Leverage Hazelcast advantages around business continuity, scale, and security that have been a core part of Hazelcast IMDG.