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CTO Greg Luck Leaves Software AG Terracotta to Join Startup Hazelcast

Fueled by Venture Capital, Hazelcast turns up the heat on competitors Software AG Terracotta and Oracle Coherence

Palo Alto, CA – Jan 20, 2014 Hazelcast ( the maker of the leading open source in-memory data grid (IMDG), announced today that Greg Luck will be leaving Software AG and joining Hazelcast as its CTO. Greg is the founder of the Ehcache open source project, the most widely used Java cache in the world with one million developers across 190 countries on 2.5 million deployments.

Greg was named by JavaLobby as one of the “Heroes of Java” for his industry leadership including:

  • CTO of Terracotta at Software AG
  • Founder of Ehcache, most popular Java Cache in the world
  • Executive Committee Member of the Java Community Process (JCP)
  • Co-specification lead for JCache, a new API coming to Spring and Java ee 8
  • Presenter of Java Caching: State of the Union at JavaOne 2013

“Greg is without question one of the world’s top authorities in Java Caching,” said Rod Johnson, creator of the Spring project and investor in Hazelcast. “This transition represents a huge validation of Hazelcast and its competitive position in the market.”

“Software AG Terracotta, Oracle Coherence and Pivotal Gemfire be warned,” said Talip Ozturk, CEO of Hazelcast. “In 2014 Hazelcast will build the world’s best team and products for in-memory data grids.” 

Hazelcast announced its first round of institutional Venture Capital in September of 2013, a $2.5M round led by Salil Deshpande of Bain Capital including the addition of Rod Johnson to the board. It announced the hiring of its Silicon Valley Management team in October of 2013.

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Mr. Luck will improve Hazelcast’s position against key competitors including Software AG Terracotta, Oracle Coherence and Pivotal Gemfire. He will raise awareness of Hazelcast at industry events, and will be instrumental in aligning the company with the upcoming JCache specification (JSR107). JCache is part of Java EE 8 and was submitted as a Final Spec in December 2013.


About Hazelcast, Inc.

Hazelcast is the leading open source in-memory data grid with tens of thousands of installed clusters and over 39MM server starts per month. The Hazelcast operational in-memory computing platform helps leading companies, like Capital One, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Ellie Mae, and Mizuho Securities USA, manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale.

Hazelcast’s developer friendly approach makes it easy to modernize existing applications while providing a platform for building new innovative solutions. Hazelcast is headquartered in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto, with offices in Ankara, Istanbul, London, and New York City. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Hazelcast