Payment Processing and Fraud Detection

In-memory computing technologies bring unprecedented speed, scalability, stability, and security across the entire payments processing ecosystem. The world’s most demanding banks, card issuers, and online merchants rely on Hazelcast for fast, secure transactions, from anywhere, at any time.


The only unified, multi-cloud platform for low-latency payment processing and fraud detection for both streaming and stored data.

The only unified, multi-cloud platform for low-latency payment processing and fraud detection for both streaming and stored data.

In the current always on, always mobile and/or online environment, performance requirements for payment processing are being driven by SLAs with far more stringent parameters. Our technology increases performance up to 1000X faster than comparable disk-access based systems. When payment processors and e-commerce companies are expected to securely process millions of transactions per second, this is where Hazelcast can make a significant difference.


In-Memory is the Optimal Solution For Payment Processing and Fraud Detection



By moving transaction processing to an in-memory cache, Hazelcast eliminates the latency associated with 1) traversing a network, and 2) accessing a disk-based system of record. This solution allows Hazelcast customers to move customer response times from seconds to microseconds.

The performance acceleration associated with Hazelcast opens up new avenues for innovation. A 1000X performance improvement not only lets you comfortably exceed SLA requirements, it opens up opportunities for new, innovative services while defining a new standard for performance, keeping you well ahead of your competitors in today's digital ecosystem.


Delivering real-time solutions to real-time problems

Exceed SLAs Exceed SLAs

In-memory speed enables you to easily meet or exceed the most demanding Service Level Agreements.

Reduce Fraud Reduce Fraud

Hazelcast in-memory solutions enable the execution of multiple fraud detection algorithms at sub-millisecond speed.

Enable Innovation Enable Innovation

Moving 10,000x faster than your competition opens up a whole new range of opportunities for innovative services.

Optimized OpEx Optimized OpEx

With Hazelcast in-memory solutions you can easily run multiple fraud detection algorithms in the time it takes to swipe a credit card, dramatically decreasing fraud risk and saving hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent charges.

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