Hazelcast Innovation Labs

What is Hazelcast Innovation Labs?

Hazelcast Innovation Labs (HIL) will enable business leaders and software developers to innovate, design, and co-develop with Hazelcast. Innovation Labs is a residency program designed to spur change, fast track new products, and develop customer solutions by working side-by-side with the best in enterprise tools, methods, and culture—in an environment that fosters speed and innovation. HIL is an immersive teaming residency that arms customers with the skills, tools, and processes to deliver better software quicker to meet the demands of today’s market.

What’s the benefit?

  • A time-boxed teaming residency to accelerate customers’ most innovative ideas
  • Modernize legacy applications or develop contemporary ones
  • Leave with a working application prototype and the methods and skills to lead transformation back at your business

Start innovating with us!