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Hazelcast IMDG® Enterprise has the features needed for application scale-out.

  • High-Density Memory Store – optimizes server resources for approximately 96% reduction in CPU-usage and reduction in number of Hazelcast members per cluster for the largest off-heap data sizes supporting Java and Scala Clients as well as Web Sessions, Hibernate 2nd Level Cache, JCache, Map, and Predicate and Partition Predicate APIs
  • Hot Restart Store on High-Density Memory Store – adds persistence with write performance of 310,000 writes per second per node and restart times of 7 seconds per 1.3GB per node – with parallel load across nodes
  • Management Center – provides a bird’s-eye view of all cluster activity, along with configurable watermarks for alerts through a web-based user interface and cluster-wide JMX and REST APIs
  • Rolling Upgrade – upgrades cluster nodes’ and versions without service interruption
  • Security Suite – provides standards-based JAAS and interoperable encryption, authentication, and access control checks to mission-critical applications
  • WAN Replication – synchronizes multiple Hazelcast clusters in different datacenters for disaster recovery or geographic locality and can be managed centrally through Management Center
  • Enterprise PaaS Deployment Environments – enables your applications to run in the most popular Enterprise container management environments, Pivotal Cloud Foundry and OpenShift Container Platform