Upgrading to Jet 4.0

April 10, 2020

As we have announced earlier, Jet 4.0 is out! In this blog post, we aim to give you the lower-level details needed for migrating from older versions.

Jet 4.0 is a major version release. According to the semantic versioning, we apply, this means that in version 4.0 some of the API has changed in a breaking way and code written for 3.x may no longer compile against it.

Jet on IMDG 4.0

Jet 4.0 uses IMDG 4.0, which is also a major release with its own breaking changes. For details see IMDG Release Notes and IMDG Migration Guides.

The most important changes we made and which have affected Jet too are as follows:

  • We renamed many packages and moved classes around. For details see the IMDG Release Notes. The most obvious change is that many classes that used to be in the general com.hazelcast.core package are now in specific packages like or com.hazelcast.collection.
  • com.hazelcast.jet.function, the package containing serializable variants of java.util.function, is now merged into com.hazelcast.function: BiConsumerEx, BiFunctionEx,
    BinaryOperatorEx, BiPredicateEx, ComparatorEx, ComparatorsEx,
    ConsumerEx, FunctionEx, Functions, PredicateEx, SupplierEx,
    ToDoubleFunctionEx, ToIntFunctionEx, ToLongFunctionEx
  • EntryProcessor and several other classes and methods received a cleanup of their type parameters. See the relevant section in the IMDG Migration Guide.
  • The term “group” in configuration was replaced with “cluster”. See the code snippet below for an example. This changes a Jet Command Line parameter as well (-g/--groupName renamed to -n/--cluster-name).
  • EventJournalConfig moved from the top-level Config class to data structure-specific configs (MapConfigCacheConfig):
  • ICompletableFuture was removed and replaced with the JDK-standard CompletionStage. This affects the return type of async methods. See the relevant section in the IMDG Migration Guide.

Jet API Changes

We made multiple breaking changes in Jet’s own APIs too:

  • IMapJetICacheJet and IListJet, which used to be Jet-specific wrappers around IMDG’s standard IMapICache and IList, were removed. The methods that used to return these types now return the standard ones.
  • Renamed Pipeline.drawFrom to Pipeline.readFrom and GeneralStage.drainTo
    to GeneralStage.writeTo:

    pipeline.readFrom(TestSources.items(1, 2, 3)).writeTo(Sinks.logger());
    //pipeline.drawFrom(TestSources.items(1, 2, 3)).drainTo(Sinks.logger());
  • ContextFactory was renamed to ServiceFactory and we added support for instance-wide initialization. createFn now takes ProcessorSupplier.Context instead of just JetInstance. We also added convenience methods in ServiceFactories to simplify constructing the common variants:
    ServiceFactories.sharedService(ctx -> Executors.newFixedThreadPool(8), ExecutorService::shutdown);
    //ContextFactory.withCreateFn(jet -> Executors.newFixedThreadPool(8)).withLocalSharing();
    ServiceFactories.nonSharedService(ctx -> DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("HH:mm:ss.SSS"), ConsumerEx.noop());
    //ContextFactory.withCreateFn(jet -> DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("HH:mm:ss.SSS"))
  • map/filter/flatMapUsingContext was renamed to map/filter/flatMapUsingService:
    pipeline.readFrom(TestSources.items(1, 2, 3))
                    ServiceFactories.sharedService(pctx -> 1),
                    (svc, i) -> i % 2 == svc)
    pipeline.drawFrom(TestSources.items(1, 2, 3))
                    ContextFactory.withCreateFn(i -> 1),
                    (ctx, i) -> i % 2 == ctx)
  • filterUsingServiceAsync has been removed. Usages can be replaced with mapUsingServiceAsync, which behaves like a filter if it returns a null future or the returned future contains a null result:
            (executor, item) -> {
                CompletableFuture<Long> f = new CompletableFuture<>();
                executor.submit(() -> f.complete(item % 2 == 0 ? item : null));
                return f;
            (executor, item) -> {
                CompletableFuture<Boolean> f = new CompletableFuture<>();
                executor.submit(() -> f.complete(item % 2 == 0));
                return f;
  • flatMapUsingServiceAsync has been removed. Usages can be replaced with mapUsingServiceAsync followed by non-async flatMap:
            (executor, item) -> {
                CompletableFuture<List<String>> f = new CompletableFuture<>();
                executor.submit(() -> f.complete(Arrays.asList(item + "-1", item + "-2", item + "-3")));
                return f;
            (executor, item) -> {
                CompletableFuture<Traverser<String>> f = new CompletableFuture<>();
                executor.submit(() -> f.complete(traverseItems(item + "-1", item + "-2", item + "-3")));
                return f;
  • The methods withMaxPendingCallsPerProcessor(int) and
    withUnorderedAsyncResponses() were removed from ServiceFactory. These properties are relevant only in the context of asynchronous operations and were used in conjunction with GeneralStage.mapUsingServiceAsync(…​). In Jet 4.0 the GeneralStage.mapUsingServiceAsync(…​) method has a new variant with explicit parameters for the above settings:
  • stage.mapUsingServiceAsync(
            ServiceFactories.sharedService(ctx -> Executors.newFixedThreadPool(8)),
            (exec, task) -> CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(() -> task, exec)
            ContextFactory.withCreateFn(jet -> Executors.newFixedThreadPool(8))
            (exec, task) -> CompletableFuture.supplyAsync(() -> task, exec)
  • com.hazelcast.jet.pipeline.Sinks#mapWithEntryProcessor got a new signature in order to accommodate the improved EntryProcessor, which became more lambda-friendly in IMDG (see the relevant section in the IMDG Migration Guide). The return type of EntryProcessor is now an explicit parameter in mapWithEntryProcessor‘s method signature:
    FunctionEx<Map.Entry<String, Integer>, EntryProcessor<String, Integer, Void>> entryProcFn =
            entry ->
                    (EntryProcessor<String, Integer, Void>) e -> {
                        e.setValue(e.getValue() == null ? 1 : e.getValue() + 1);
                        return null;
    Sinks.mapWithEntryProcessor(map, Map.Entry::getKey, entryProcFn);
    FunctionEx<Map.Entry<String, Integer>, EntryProcessor<String, Integer>> entryProcFn =
            entry ->
                    (EntryProcessor<String, Integer>) e -> {
                        e.setValue(e.getValue() == null ? 1 : e.getValue() + 1);
                        return null;
    Sinks.mapWithEntryProcessor(map, Map.Entry::getKey, entryProcFn);
  • HDFS source and sink methods are now Hadoop.inputFormat and Hadoop.outputFormat.
  • MetricsConfig is no longer part of JetConfig, but resides in the IMDG Config class:
  • Traverser type got a slight change in the flatMap lambda’s generic type wildcards. This change shouldn’t affect anything in practice.
  • In sources and sinks we changed the method signatures so that the lambda becomes the last parameter, where applicable.
  • JetBootstrap.getInstance() moved to Jet.bootstrappedInstance() and now it automatically creates an isolated local instance when not running through jet submit. If used from jet submit, the behaviour remains the same.
  • JobConfig.addResource(…​) is now addClasspathResource(…​).
  • ResourceTypeResourceConfig and JobConfig.getResourceConfigs() are now labeled as private API and we discourage their direct usage. We also renamed ResourceType.REGULAR_FILE to ResourceType.FILE, but this is now an internal change.

Further help

In case you encounter any difficulties with migrating to Jet 4.0 feel free to contact us any time.

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