Hazelcast Elastic Memory

Talip Ozturk | Sep 3, 2011

We’ve made pretty good progress in our new product, Hazelcast Elastic Memory: Hazelcast with off-heap memory storage to avoid GC pauses.
We have been working on it for months and we are already quite impressed with the results. Even if you have terabytes of cache in-memory with lots of updates, GC will have almost no effect; resulting in more predictable latency and throughput.
Our test results will be published here from now on. So stay tuned. Elastic Memory is an add-on to the existing Hazelcast but will only be part of Hazelcast Enterprise Edition (EE), our new commercial offering.
Elastic Memory is currently in alpha stage. If you want to test it before everybody else, just let us know via email ([email protected]). Exciting times ahead!

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Talip Ozturk