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Viliam is Jet engineer at Hazelcast.

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Transactional Connectors in Hazelcast Jet

by Villiam Ďurina

Hazelcast Jet is a distributed stream processing engine that supports exactly-once semantics even in the presence of cluster member failures. This is achieved by snapshotting the internal state of the processors at regular intervals into reliable storage and then, in case of a failure, using the latest snapshot to restore the state and continue. However, […]

Idle Green Threads in Hazelcast Jet

by Villiam Ďurina

Hazelcast Jet is known for its high-performance and this is partially due to it employing green threads. This approach avoids the need for operating system threads, which are expensive to switch. Instead, task switching is performed by the application code in a lightweight way. What are green threads? With “normal” threads, you ask the OS […]


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