Company Culture

About 111

Hazelcast® is the leading open source in-memory data grid, but it is also the name of our company. How do we define Hazelcast the company?


Immediately when you use the product, you notice that it is simple to use, that the code has been provided under an open source license and other details. Hazelcast nodes join together to form a cluster that is more powerful than any individual node. These qualities go beyond the Hazelcast project and are the basis for the culture of the company.

Our Founder:

Talip Ozturk, founder of Hazelcast describing 111:

I created Hazelcast 111 to define the unique “kernel” of Hazelcast company culture that is designed to scale as the company grows.

Hazelcast 111 (one-eleven) is the cultural ”source code” for the company. The name is derived from the idea that 1 + 1 + 1 can equal more than 3, that together we can be much more powerful than we are alone.These principles are expected to govern the professional behavior of Hazelcast team members and set expectations with the greater Hazelcast community about what they can expect when working with our team. New team members will be interviewed for cultural fit and we strive to make Hazelcast a great place to work for those who share these principles.

111 Principles:

1. Quality

  • Strive for work products that are reliable, stable and free of defects

2. Positivity

  • Solve problems or communicate about them in a constructive way.

3. Scalable Thinking

  • Make things work well as they scale up or down.

4. Bias Towards Simplicity

  • Try to make things as simple as possible.

5. Humility

  • Assume other Hazelcast community members are smart.
  • Give credit to the ideas and work of others first.

6. Honesty

  • Say what needs to be said even if it is difficult. Have hard conversations.

7. Ownership

  • Own your projects. Deliver on time.
  • Coordinate with anything that delivery depends on
  • Escalate when you are stuck

8. Community Focus

  • Seek to improve the lives of Hazelcast team members, customers and users.

9. Commitment

  • Participate in the decision process
  • Contribute to success even if you disagreed with the decision outcome

Feels Good

The correct implementation of 111 FEELS GOOD to team members, customers, partners, investors and open source users of Hazelcast. The test of 111 is whether it feels good. If it does not feel good, we need to improve either or both of our implementation or specification of 111.