Software AG Terracotta Ehcache Replacement


Enterprises who are considering a Software AG Terracotta Ehcache Replacement should take a look at Hazelcast, which should be able to provide a great deal of functionality with a much-improved ownership experience.

Hazelcast Platform is a popular Terracotta Ehcache replacement and also a popular open source Terracotta DSO replacement.

Developers are often attracted to Enterprise Ehcache because of its use of the popular Ehcache project. Hazelcast also has an open source version, and if you’re looking for advanced capabilities, you can choose the commercial version.


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Some of these considerations that we have heard around Software AG Terracotta Ehcache include:

  • Cost: Software AG products are considered expensive.
  • Entry Point: The minimum price to do business with Software AG is often too high to many organizations to get the benefits of their professional products.
  • Ownership Experience: Hazelcast offers an open source software version to get started quickly, to allow you to try out Hazelcast Platform and validate your use cases.

Terracotta is a somewhat dissimilar product to Hazelcast Platform, but they do provide enough overlapping capability that it’s possible to use one instead of the other. For example, Hazelcast Platform’s High Density Memory feature is useful in scale up configurations that are similar to those used for Terracotta Big Memory.

Again, your experience may be very different from the above, but if you are looking to deploy in-memory software at your organization, give Hazelcast a try to see if it would be suitable for you.