Hazelcast IMDG Financial Use Cases

Case Study

Hazelcast IMDG Financial Use Cases

Reading Time: 10 minutes

Hazelcast IMDG Financial Use Cases is intended to give systems engineers and architects in the financial industry an idea of the types of application use cases Hazelcast is solving in production today. We’ll take a look at three specific applications and discover how they integrate into existing work flows and systems. We’ll uncover a Market Data Management System using Hazelcast as its core component, how a major investment bank in New York is making use of Hazelcast’s rich event API to wire together the various systems that make up its collateral management process, and how a leading investment bank in London uses Hazelcast to manage and interact with external foreign exchange brokerages to provide quotes from internal traders.

This paper covers three case studies:

  • A Market Data Management
  • Banking Collateral Management
  • Foreign Exchange Quotation Management

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