What’s New in Hazelcast IMDG 4.1


The first minor release in the new 4.x product line of Hazelcast IMDG brings not only new major features such as initial preview of SQL support for querying and generic object interface for domain objects, but also many usability improvements to speed up development with focus on Cloud environment. Together with strong community interest, Hazelcast IMDG takes the first steps in delivering the features that have been asked for for quite some time.

Please join Jiri Holusa, a former Quality Engineer and performance enthusiast for IMDG Core and current Product Manager of Hazelcast IMDG, to walk you through the new features and enhancements in the latest version.
In particular, Jiri will go through:
  • New SQL engine
  • First release of Hazelcast CLI
  • GenericRecord API
  • Configuration entries overwrites via environmental variables and system properties
  • Magic out of the box cluster auto detection
  • Enhanced cluster failure detection mechanism and parallel migrations
  • Improvements for security and Intel Optane support

Presented By:

Jiri Holusa
Jiri Holusa
IMDG Product Manager
Jiri is a devoted open source software engineer that loves his work. Born in Red Hat and later Hazelcast as a Quality Engineer, now Product Manager of Hazelcast IMDG. Digging deep, never giving up on a problem until it’s solved, and enjoying this all the way, that’s Jiri. Besides that, he loves basically any sport and as a true Czech person, he never refuses a pleasant conversation over a pint of beer.