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Recorded Webinar

How to Speed Up Your Application Using JCache

134 minutes
Recorded July 10, 2014

Delivered in partnership with GameDuell, this technical talk by Greg Luck provides an in depth introduction to caching, with a particular focus on JCache and Hazelcast®.

In this Webinar

  • Introduction to Caching
  • New JCache Standard (JSR107)
  • Caches and Caching Theory
  • JCache Key Classes/Interfaces
  • Cache Interface & Methods (in IDE)
  • Working with Hazelcast JCache
  • Live Code Demo


Greg Luck, CEO at Hazelcast

Greg has worked with Java for 15 years. He is spec lead of the recently completed JSR107:JCache and the founder of Ehcache. He is a JCP Executive Committee alumni. Prior to Hazelcast®, Greg was CTO at Terracotta, Inc which was acquired by Software AG. He was also Chief Architect at Australian travel startup which went to IPO. Earlier roles include consultant at ThoughtWorks and KPMG, and CIO at Virgin Blue, Tempo Services, Stamford Hotels and Resorts, and Australian Resorts. Greg has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from QUT and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland.