Deploying Hazelcast and Apache Kafka for IoT Stream Processing and Analytics

| Video
| 46 minutes

In this webinar

Learn how IoT applications can benefit by combining Apache Kafka and Hazelcast. Confluent systems integrator, DataMountaineer, has built a real-time, fast data architecture that integrates both technologies to solve operational data management needs.

Now you can process incoming IoT data, with Kafka Connect Sink for Hazelcast. Hazelcast’s rich architecture and feature set allow it to receive high velocity writes for data storage, perform distributed processing and act as a perfect sink.

Hear from DataMountaineer CTO, Andrew Stevenson, and Hazelcast Senior Solutions Architect, Viktor Gamov about how these two technologies are making advanced IoT architectures possible.


Andrew Stevenson, CTO at DataMountaineer

Andrew is CTO and a Fast/Big Data Solutions Architect with DataMountaineer, a SI & Consulting partner of Confluent, the creators of Apache Kafka. Andrew focuses on providing scalable, unified, real-time data pipelines allowing reactive decision making, streaming analytics and Big Data integration.

Viktor Gamov, Senior Solutions Architect at Hazelcast

Viktor Gamov is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast, the leading open-source in-memory technologies company. Viktor has comprehensive knowledge and expertise in enterprise application architecture leveraging open source technologies. He’s helping companies build low latency, scalable and highly available distributed systems. He is co-organizer of Princeton JUG and New York Hazelcast User Group. He is a co-author of O’Reilly’s «Enterprise Web Development». Viktor’s presenting at the conferences (http://lanyrd.com/gamussa/), blogging and producing a podcast. Follow Viktor on Twitter @gamussa.