Solving the Challenges You Will Face in Your Pursuit of Real-Time

| Video
| 45 minutes

Developing and deploying real-time systems can be difficult, but Hazelcast can help solve those challenges. Common “real-time” technologies were not designed to take action on data immediately. With ever-growing volumes of data from more sources in different formats, the challenge becomes even greater. Acting on data requires integration from many platforms increasing the learning curve for development teams, adding complexity, and introducing latency.

This on-demand webinar will discuss how you can accelerate real-time deployments and how Hazelcast solves these challenges. You will learn how you can build solutions that will:

  • Provide a complete, consolidated view of your business by using vast quantities of data that can be ingested, transformed, and processed in real-time.
  • Broaden analytical reach with zero code connectors and SQL.
  • Deliver enriched, contextual insights via complex joining/merging of disparate data sources.

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