Tech Talk: Advanced Kubernetes: Lesson Learned From Building a Managed Service


In this session, Huseyin will talk about how to create a multi-tenant environment on Kubernetes to build a managed service.

He will share the golden rules of building a managed service on top of Kubernetes with real-life examples using the experience he gained during Hazelcast Cloud development.

– Environment isolation
– Microservice Architecture
– Monitoring
– Logging
– Tracing will be the central topic for this session

Presented By:

Huseyin Babal
Huseyin Babal
Hazelcast Cloud, Development Team Lead

Huseyin is building Hazelcast Cloud to provide Hazelcast Cluster as a service with extensive features. AWS Certified DevOps Professional. Building highly scalable, real-time systems with Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Docker, Prometheus, Event-Based Systems, and Hybrid Cloud. Ex. Sony and eBay engineer.