Tech Field Day: Edge, Mainframe, FS Cloud, and ML with Hazelcast, IBM, and Intel


Dale Kim, Sr. Director of Technical Solutions, will walk through Hazelcast’s partnership with IBM and Intel and how they are working together on a number of use cases tied to edge computing, mainframe optimization, IBM Cloud, and more. Kim presents cloud-native deployment of Hazelcast in IBM Cloud with Red Hat OpenShift and edge computing with IBM’s Edge Ecosystem. He also presents mainframe integration with hybrid cloud built on IBM Red Hat OpenShift. Next Kim turns to fast compute and memory with Intel Optane PMem and Xeon Scalable CPUs. Finally, Kim presents use cases for Hazelcast, including caching, fast restart with Optane, on-demand analytics, continuous query with drill down, and a payment processing reference architecture.

Recorded as part of Tech Field Day 23 on April 22, 2021.