Streaming SQL on Apache Kafka for Real-Time Processing

| Video
| 55 minutes

(Presented by Hazelcast hosted by InfoQ)

SQL usage continues to proliferate way beyond its original domain in relational databases. One increasingly popular context entails streaming data, where an incoming feed of data-in-motion is treated like a growing and unbounded table in an RDBMS. As more businesses leverage the advantages of data-in-motion, especially with technologies like Apache Kafka, the onramp to this paradigm is easier by using SQL as the query language.

Watch this on-demand webinar as we discuss how an emerging dialect of SQL, informally called “streaming SQL,” can be used for real-time processing on data in Apache Kafka. You will learn:

– Why businesses are using SQL and Kafka together

– The key components of an architecture for streaming SQL

– Examples of how unstructured Kafka data is queried like relational data

– Popular use cases for streaming SQL·


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