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Recorded Webinar

Upgrading Hazelcast IMDG Without Downtime: A deep dive into Rolling Upgrades

60 minutes
Recorded September 13, 2017

Upgrading software without downtime is one of the most important factors in systems that are highly-available. Users do not tolerate downtime from maintenance windows and expect their applications to be online all the time. Hazelcast IMDG® 3.8 introduced the ability to do online upgrades without any maintenance downtime. It means that business transactions can be processed while the software is being upgraded—keeping business users happy.

Join Hazelcast® Core Team Lead, Tom Bujok, in a deep dive overview of the Hazelcast IMDG feature Rolling Upgrades to learn how you can keep your system running continuously while upgrading IMDG servers and clients.


Tom Bujok, Software Engineer at Hazelcast

Software Engineer at Hazelcast®. For the last ten years Tom has been working on numerous assignments fulfilling a range of roles, particularly dealing with design and development of small to large scale systems, mostly on the JVM. Tom is an enthusiastic open source contributor and the founder of a couple of open-source projects (babun, p2-maven-plugin, soap-ws). Finally, he is very keen on tutoring, presenting and live coding, especially in a non-fluffy way.