Operating Streaming Applications in the Cloud

| Video
| 60 minutes

Business today is being driven by two major technologies, the need to manage vast amounts of data streaming into IT systems continuously, as well as the need to manage this streaming data in the cloud. The operationalization of streaming data in a cloud environment is not necessarily difficult, but it can be complicated, and understanding the nuances is critical to your company’s long term success.

Streaming applications operate on continuous data, they are by design long-running. Bringing several new challenges:

This brings several new challenges:

  • An application must be ready to be upgraded with minimal downtime and without affecting the correctness of the results. Upgrades are necessary to reflect the changes in the business requirements and to fix the bugs that are frequently revealed by outlier data records.
  • One might want to use both old and new version in parallel for A/B testing as a part of Q/A during the upgrade.
  • The environment should adapt to workload changes and tolerate failures without data loss.

Cloud environments (public, private or hybrid) provide resources that are transient, so the environment keeps changing adding another level of complexity.

In this webinar, we will present the tools that Hazelcast Jet brings to the table when it comes to operating long-running streaming applications in the cloud.

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