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Make your Applications Faster with Golang


Go’ing to web-scale. Join this webinar to learn about all the requirements for a distributed system in a modern enterprise. We will examine the hazards to avoid and demonstrate how Hazelcast helps a Go developer achieve web-scale.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why data grids are critical to creating fast, scalable web applications
  • How they enable greater resilience and uptime
  • A simple API that Go developers can leverage to quickly adopt this technology that will work across all Clouds and On-Premises architectures

Can’t attend the live webinar? Register anyway and we will send you the recording!

Presented By:

Terry Walters
Terry Walters
Senior Solution Architect

Terry Walters is a Senior Solution Architect at Hazelcast®, a Java-based, open-source operational in-memory computing platform. He is well known as a speaker at user groups/conferences and he enjoys helping others succeed with web scale. Prior to Hazelcast, he worked many industry leaders such as AT&T, Verizon, McKesson, UPS, and the formally known as BEA Systems. Walters holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science.