How Real-Time AI Can Deliver Deeper Customer Engagement

| Video
| 60 minutes

AI-First is the new mantra for many retailers, as machine learning is delivering new real-time engagement, enabling deeper customer insight and better experiences. But how do you architect, develop and manage intelligent, real-time applications that deliver deeper engagement at scale?

Our webinar will discuss the most critical elements for achieving machine learning applications that can scale to any size business or volume while rapidly evolving the algorithms to achieve greater agility and customer experience.

You will takeaway:

  • Why AI-First is becoming “table stakes” for a good online experience.
  • What is the architecture needed to repeatedly deliver intelligent applications in retail?
  • Examples of how AI will improve your business, such as real-time personalization to improve conversion of offers?
  • How can I get started and what are the building blocks I need?

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