Hazelcast IMDG for E-Commerce

Case Study

E-commerce is now in an era of radically multichannel and omnichannel stack deployments, with middleware supporting mobile, in-store environments, kiosk and web stores. To support the extreme scale and unpredictability of multichannel consumer behavior while at the same time providing microsecond performance characteristics requires in-memory technology.

Hazelcast® is an in-memory technology for scaling your e-commerce and inventory management systems to handle burst behavior from events such as on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hazelcast is the leading open source in-memory data grid that will imbue your e-commerce systems with:

  • Blazing customer-oriented response times for product information and ordering
  • Elastically scaling up and down compute resources based on volumes of shoppers visiting your
    site at any given moment of time
  • Seamless preservation of data in a shopper’s cart of orders even through hardware and data
    center failures
  • Resiliency of the entire system from unfortunate hardware or data center failures