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Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache to Hazelcast IMDG Migration Guide

BigMemory/Ehcache to Hazelcast

This sample code filled guide takes a step-by-step approach, covering all of the main features of Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache and then introduces the developer to their equivalent in Hazelcast®. Each chapter provides code samples in Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache, as well as their equivalents in Hazelcast IMDG®. Readers can use this resource as a reference guide for each feature, as we explicitly title each chapter with a product feature.

Who Should Read It?

This Terracotta BigMemory/Ehcache to Hazelcast IMDG Migration Guide is intended for developers looking to migrate a system from Terracotta BigMemory/ Ehcache to Hazelcast IMDG.

In this guide:

  • What is an in-memory data grid?
  • Configuration
  • Cluster Topologies
  • Distributed Caching
  • Querying
  • Distributed Concurrency
  • Getting into production