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Download the Benchmark

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Pivotal GemFire, Apache Geode vs Hazelcast IMDG

This white paper provides a point by point comparison of Hazelcast IMDG® and Pivotal GemFire across the following dimensions:

  • Licensing
  • Architecture
  • Scale
  • Persistence
  • Use Cases
  • Distributed Collections, Currency, Compute and Messaging
  • Clients
  • WAN
  • Search
  • Cache
  • Transactions
  • Enterprise Management
  • Security
  • Grid Features


Testing framework: RadarGun 2.1.0.Final

Environment: Hazelcast® Lab, 1 Gigabit network, Java 1.7.0_85


Parameters Value
Topology 4 nodes in embedded mode
Hazelcast backup count 1
Gemfire redundant copies 1
Test duration 10 minutes
Slave heap size 4 GB
Total threads 10

Results Summary

Hazelcast is up to 35% faster than Pivotal Gemfire/Apache Geode on both get and put operations, with lower latency.