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Three Ways to Derive Information From Event Streams – Gartner Report

Analyst Report

Event stream processing continues to play an increasingly important role in today’s data architectures. This is no surprise, considering that companies are striving to respond faster to ongoing changes in their business environments. However, these companies are still not taking full advantage of the value of their data, typically because they have not planned for the right approaches and architectures for stream processing. Read this Gartner report to learn more.

Cloud Migration and the Role of In-Memory Technologies

White Paper

Hazelcast Cloud delivers enterprise-grade Hazelcast software in the cloud, deployed as a fully managed service. Leveraging over a decade of experience and best practices, Hazelcast Cloud delivers a high-throughput, low-latency service that scales to your needs while remaining simple to deploy. If you’re considering moving to the Cloud, or are looking for an easy ramp on deploying in-memory technology, this white paper on migrating in-memory to the cloud is an informative and helpful resource.

Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing – Gartner Report

Analyst Report

Edge computing complements your cloud deployments by addressing issues related to having data created in remote locations. While businesses today are still in the early stages of edge computing, the expectation is that there will be significant adoption in the next two years. Hazelcast believes now is a good time to explore edge opportunities, and supports such initiatives with in-memory technologies that help drive powerful edge deployments.

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Operationalizing Machine Learning with Java Microservices and Stream Processing

November 19, 2019
8:00am PST / 11:00am EST / 4:00pm GMT

Are you ready to take your algorithms to the next steps and get them working on real-world data in real-time? We will walk through an architecture for taking a machine learning model into deployment for inference within an open source platform designed for extremely high throughput and low latency.

Hazelcast Payment Processing Reference Architecture

White Paper

Payment processing systems require extremely high throughput rates as well as millisecond-level latencies. By leveraging the Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform, businesses gain a significant performance advantage to successfully process high volumes of transactions. Hazelcast also provides the scalability to easily grow and adapt to changing transaction volumes, which is especially important during heavy purchasing seasons and events with loads that spike well beyond typical levels.

When Zero Latency Matters

White Paper

In this white paper, Hazelcast reviews the current state of the US payments markets, including the primary business and technology drivers, and the overarching role that fraud detection plays in ensuring a safe and stable experience for consumers, business, and the network providers.

Cluster Sizing Estimates for Hazelcast Jet

| 7 pages

Part of deploying Jet is to determine a good estimate of the number of computing resources you need to optimally run your Jet application(s). This guide will walk you through specific environments as examples which can then be extrapolated for your own specific workloads.

Seven Reasons Hazelcast Is the Best Caching Technology

White Paper

If you need your applications to run faster, one way to speed them up is to use a data cache. In this white paper, we will discuss how Hazelcast offers a set of proven capabilities, beyond what other technologies provide, that make it worth exploring for your caching needs.

Accelerating Microservices with Streaming Technologies

| Video
| 60 minutes

The use of streaming technologies in microservices is an emerging trend that you should consider. And combining streaming with in-memory technologies lets you deploy and run your systems faster.

Advancements in High Speed, In-Memory Systems

White Paper

In-memory technologies have had an accelerative effect across a broad range of industries and applications. From financial services to oil and gas to a pervasive presence in IoT implementations, in-memory capabilities have enabled a global rise in economic activity. In this joint white paper by Intel and Hazelcast, we cover new developments in both in-memory […]

Payment Processing and Fraud Detection: What You Need to Know

| Video
| 60 minutes

Payment processing networks and the ecosystems they drive are the foundation of the global economy. In this webinar, Hazelcast will present how in-memory technology enables the core drivers of both payment processing and the enablement of fraud detection applications, along with specific examples from global leaders in the banking, credit card, and e-commerce domains.

Fraud Detection in Payment Processing

White Paper

Fraud has become a significant problem across the global payments ecosystem. Regardless of whether you’re a bank, payment processor, card provider, merchant, etc. the impact of fraud is widespread, with broader and deeper consequences as the underlying technology continues to evolve. In this whitepaper, Hazelcast walks through the cause and effect of digital fraud, and how in-memory technology is poised to address this challenge directly. Learn how the Hazelcast in-memory computing platform provides the high-performance environment that payment processors will need to fulfill the market’s needs today and into the future.