Hazelcast Platform Hits General Availability Milestone

Hazelcast Platform unifies streaming events and data-at-rest for real-time applications and analytics

Hazelcast Comms | Sep 28, 2021

San Mateo, Calif., September 28, 2021Hazelcast, the real-time intelligent applications platform, today is announcing that the Hazelcast Platform is generally available and marks a milestone for real-time applications and analytics. With the Hazelcast Platform, enterprises can utilize a single platform for transactional, operational and analytical workloads. The Hazelcast Platform combines the capabilities of a real-time stream processing engine with in-memory computing to deliver a simplified architecture that is highly performant, scalable and reliable.

“The reception from customers and industry experts since we announced the Hazelcast Platform has been nothing short of fantastic and highlights the desire for a simplified platform that enables enterprises to seamlessly merge different data workloads,” said Kelly Herrell, CEO of Hazelcast. “We’ve already seen how the Hazelcast Platform can positively impact an enterprise’s ability to capture the value in real-time that they would have otherwise missed.”

Complementing the high performance and reliability of the Hazelcast Platform is its ability to simplify application development and maintenance. With its ability to execute transactional, analytical and operational workloads, the Hazelcast Platform can act as a single data layer and access point for applications to call upon. This benefit is possible because of the robust library of connectors from Hazelcast. From MongoDB to Redis Labs to Snowflake, Hazelcast develops and maintains each connector to ensure high performance, reliability and security so developers only need to build the application against Hazelcast.

The Hazelcast Platform is available today as an enterprise and open source offering. To download the Hazelcast Platform, please visit: https://hazelcast.com/get-started/

For more information on the Hazelcast Platform, please visit: https://hazelcast.com/products/hazelcast-platform/

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Hazelcast is a real-time, intelligent application platform that enables enterprises to capture value at every moment. With Hazelcast, enterprises can increase actionable insights by unifying event streams with contextual insights from traditional data stores at in-memory speeds. From the cloud to the data center to the edge, Hazelcast is unique in its ability to transform processes to help its customers achieve a competitive advantage via material revenue generation, risk management or cost reduction.

Hazelcast is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices across the globe. To learn more about Hazelcast, visit https://hazelcast.com.

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