Hazelcast Strengthens Cloud-Native Offerings, Introduces New Managed Service

Hazelcast Cloud delivers simplified and instantaneous deployments for workloads requiring lowest latency at any scale

Hazelcast Comms March 26, 2019

Palo Alto, Calif., March 26, 2019 Hazelcast, the leading in-memory computing platform company, today announced Hazelcast Cloud, a fully managed, low latency data layer for cloud-based workloads at any scale.

With Hazelcast Cloud, companies can realize microsecond[1] performance for critical applications from the smallest to the most extreme scale, all in a simplified and instantaneous deployment model. Designed for cloud-native applications and specializing in low latency data access, Hazelcast Cloud is a perfect data store alternative for serverless functions.

“In the digital era, latency is the new downtime and microseconds matter,” said Kelly Herrell, Hazelcast CEO. “While cloud services are simple and economical for broad market use, they cannot power the most time-sensitive applications at scale. With Hazelcast Cloud, customers no longer have to accept this tradeoff. Now the same platform powering key on-premises applications for the world’s largest organizations is at the developer’s fingertips as a managed service.”

From its intuitive and straightforward browser-based console, Hazelcast Cloud enables enterprises to instantly deploy Hazelcast’s in-memory computing solutions in a pre-configured manner. Customers are then able to apply industry-leading performance and scale, in a more cost-efficient and simpler deployment model.

Hazelcast Cloud and Cloud Dedicated

Hazelcast offers three editions of its managed service: Hazelcast Cloud (Free), Hazelcast Cloud and Hazelcast Cloud Dedicated.

The initial free and paid versions of Hazelcast Cloud are designed primarily for the test and development phases of a project. While the two versions share the same technology, the paid offering includes always-on status, higher memory size limits and customer support. Both editions run on cloud instances operated by Hazelcast.

Hazelcast Cloud Dedicated is deployed within the customer’s virtual private cloud (VPC) instance, but configured and maintained by Hazelcast. Suited for production workloads, Hazelcast Cloud Dedicated eliminates memory size restrictions, while adding features such as multithreading, multi-region availability and enterprise-grade support.

Kubernetes and Docker

Hazelcast Cloud is built on three widely adopted technologies: Hazelcast In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), Kubernetes and Docker. While Hazelcast IMDG provides a distributed data layer, Kubernetes and Docker provide dynamic orchestration and containerization, respectively. Combined, Hazelcast Cloud delivers a powerful cloud-native serverless managed service.

Democratizing In-Memory Computing for All Developers

Expanding beyond its steeped history in the Java community, Hazelcast is making in-memory computing accessible to non-Java developers. For companies building applications in Java, .NET, Python, Node.js or Go, they can now deploy in-memory computing technologies to improve the performance and scale of the application, and ultimately the end-user experience.

Product Roadmap

Hazelcast Cloud (free and paid) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is available now. Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will be supported later this year.

Hazelcast Cloud Dedicated is expected to be available in mid-2019.

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[1] Performance is dependent on application location relative to Hazelcast Cloud.

About Hazelcast, Inc.
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Hazelcast is the leading in-memory computing platform company which addresses the growing demand for enhanced application performance, data processing speed and scalability.

Hazelcast has two products: Hazelcast IMDG, an operational, in-memory computing platform which enables enterprises to manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution to achieve breakthrough application speed and scale; and Hazelcast Jet, the ultra-fast, application embeddable, stream and batch processing engine.

Hazelcast’s customers include six of the world’s 10 largest banks and 36 of the Fortune Global 500; its technology is deployed at nearly every major credit card company, five of the world’s largest e-commerce companies and four of the largest telecommunications companies.

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