October – November 2022 Releases from Hazelcast

Burak Celebi | Dec 7, 2022

We are pleased to announce the following recent releases below. Please join us in the Hazelcast Community on Slack to raise questions, share tips and provide feedback ♥. Also, check the community page for other happenings, including talks. Happy Hazelcasting! 🙂

Hazelcast Platform 5.2.0

New Features

  • SQL stream-to-stream joins: You can now enrich one stream’s data with another’s data by joining them together.
  • Generic MapStore (BETA): You no longer need to write Java code to get data from an external data store, such as a relational database, into Hazelcast by implementing the MapStore or MapLoader interfaces.
  • JDBC Connector (BETA): SQL can now connect to and query any database that supports the JDBC interface.
  • Experimental User-Defined Types: Query nested objects within Java, compact, and portable mappings are now supported using the User-Defined Types (UDTs).
  • CP Leadership Priority: CP member leadership can now be transferred to another member to ensure the availability of the CP subsystem.


Bonus 🙂

Hazelcast Platform 5.2 – Show Me the Code!

The Hazelcast Platform Rocketing to the Next Level

Hazelcast Management Center 5.2.0

New Features

  • Added the following for SQL Browser:
    • separate workflows for batch and streaming queries.
    • editor autocomplete support.
    • connector wizard for Kafka connector.
    • connector wizard for File connector.
  • Introduced customizable tables in terms of selected columns and order.
  • Introduced cluster connection diagnosis functionality
  • Added statistics table for map indexes.
  • Added a chart for Tiered Storage usage monitoring.
  • Added support for Command-Line Client (CLC).
  • Added health checks for the number of connected clients and Tiered Storage metrics and configuration.


Hazelcast Go Client 1.3.1

This release of the Go client fixes various issues, including portable array serializers for some types being different from the other Platform clients.

Hazelcast Platform 5.1.4

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