Jet 4.5 is Released!

Marko Topolnik | Apr 21, 2021

Today we’re releasing Hazelcast Jet 4.5, the second release this year! We’re bringing Jet closer to IMDG, unifying their SQL syntax and features. Our goal is to have a single SQL dialect that seamlessly uses the features of both Jet and IMDG.

This version of Jet is built on Hazelcast IMDG 4.2.

Improved SQL Experience

There used to be an important inconvenience when using IMap from outside Java — in order to populate it, you first had to create a Java class for its value, or at best a portable ClassDefinition, which is declarative but a part of server configuration. In either case you had to restart the Hazelcast cluster before you could use the new record type.

This is no longer needed: you can now use CREATE MAPPING and Jet SQL will automatically translate it to the equivalent ClassDefinition. This move finally closes the loop and makes the Hazelcast SQL experience entirely independent of Java.

Full Release Notes

Hazelcast Jet 4.5 is based on IMDG version 4.2. Check out its Release Notes here and, for the Enterprise Edition, here.

Members of the open source community that appear in these release notes:

  • @hhromic

Thank you for your valuable contributions!

New Features

  • [sql] Dynamic ClassDefinition removes the need to restart the cluster in order to use a new record type in IMap (#2895)


  • [jdbc] @hhromic made the batch size limit configurable in the JDBC sink processor (#2888)
  • [sql] Optimized the memory footprint of SQL aggregations (#2877)
  • [sql] Now you can use expressions in SQL generator functions (#2944)
  • [core] Pulling the data from an IMap/ICache could cause OOME due to creating too many partition iterators at the same time (#3009)
  • [core] Removed misleading logging of errors that occur due to the job being cancelled (#2974)
  • [pipeline-api] Significantly improved the performance of the pickAny aggregate operation in sliding windows (it lacked the deduct primitive) (#2917)


  • [core] Jet’s integration with the Java Logging Framework caused it to inadvertently close System.out from a shutdown hook. This would then break other shutdown hooks. (#2649)
  • [core] @hhromic fixed DAG.toDotString() to show the correct queue sizes (#2887)
  • [sql] The CREATE MAPPING syntax had a fluke where you could use both OR REPLACE and IF NOT EXISTS in the same statement (#2921)
  • [cdc] Implement processed offset feedback in CDC sources (#2854)
  • [extensions] Updated AWS SDK version to 1.11.976. (#2989)
  • [extensions] Updated Guava version to 30.1. (#2990)
  • [extensions] Updated Parquet version to 1.12.0 (#3012)
  • [extensions] Updated Avro to 1.10.2 (#2950)
  • [extensions] Updated Jetty version to 9.4.38.v20210224 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated wildfly-openssl to 1 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated ElasticSearch-6 to 6.8.14 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated ElasticSearch-7 to 7.10.0 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated Kafka version to 2.2.2 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated MySql Connector to 8.0.20 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated Apache Http Client to 4.5.13 (#2993)
  • [extensions] Updated Netty to 4.1.61.Final (#3023)
  • [extensions] Updated Snakeyaml version to 1.26 [SEC-71] (#3024)

Breaking Changes

The DAG.toDotString(int defaultParallelism) method signature is now DAG.toDotString(int defaultLocalParallelism, int defaultQueueSize). Callers must now supply the queue size that will be shown if not overriden on the edge.

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