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Introducing the Hazelcast Training Center

January 15, 2019

Hazelcast has been delivering the power of in-memory technology in a way that is easy to develop, deploy, and scale. In line with that overarching theme, we are happy to announce the release of a new online self-paced learning site, the Hazelcast Training Center.

We’re seeing Hazelcast as a requirement on more job listings than Gemfire, Apache Ignite and Oracle Coherence, combined. Market adoption continues to be tremendous, and we have a wide array of initiatives launching in 2019 that will only add fuel to that fire. Given the high-demand on Hazelcast expertise, now is a great time to advance your career by updating your skill set. As tech professionals ourselves, we recognize that learning new technologies can place an extra requirement on already busy people. We’ve designed the Hazelcast Training Center to help, keeping your skills up-to-date quickly and efficiently.

You can register for the Hazelcast Training Center now, which consists of two initial courses and two demos. These initial courses cover foundational aspects of Hazelcast IMDG, including:

  • Data distribution operations and cluster discovery mechanisms – Enroll
  • How to configure a Hazelcast IMDG cluster for both embedded and client/server operations – Enroll

Additional courses will be added each month as we build out a comprehensive curriculum. These courses will cover everything from Hazelcast’s rich data structures to operational best practices. All of this is being provided by Hazelcast at no cost as a service to our growing community.

The Hazelcast Training Center stands as a complement to our existing on-site training and the Hazelcast Certification Program (HCP).

In addition to the Hazelcast Training Center, we are continuing to push on all fronts when it comes to empowering developers and operations professionals with the tools they need to solve problems fast. For example, with the recent release of the hazelcast-member tool, you can now stand up a Hazelcast cluster in minutes. This all builds on the already short Time to Productivity that users love about Hazelcast software. If you’re not already familiar with the hazelcast-member-tool, we have a hands-on demo available in the Hazelcast Training Center.

So take a moment, register for the Hazelcast Training Center and let us know what you think.

About the Author

About the Author

Justin Pease

Justin Pease

Senior Director, Support

Justin Pease is the Senior Director of Support at Hazelcast. Justin has worked in the technology space for over 15 years. Prior to Hazelcast he has held leadership roles with start-ups Basho (NoSQL) and Engine Yard (PaaS). Executive leadership has included creating and scaling technical support, training & consulting, technical documentation, technical pre-sales, technical account management, and online training departments. Justin’s focus is on helping businesses realize their potential through customer success.

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