Introducing Hazelcast Professional Credentials

Hendy Appleton | Oct 29, 2020

Hazelcast is pleased to announce the first of three Hazelcast professional credentials. The Developer Essentials credential is issued to engineers who have completed basic training on developing applications that incorporate the Hazelcast platform to perform stream processing, in-memory computing, and in-memory storage. Credential-holders have hands-on practice in creating distributed data structures, distributed computing jobs, and stream processing pipelines, and have passed a comprehensive exam on the topics covered in the training. Our next credential, Hazelcast Operations, will be released later this quarter. You can get information on all our credentials from

Why credentials? While a degree and/or work experience paints a broad picture of your knowledge and skills, a credential highlights specific accomplishments that make you stand out from the crowd. Credentials make you more valuable to your current employer because they show you have new and better skills to do your job. They also help prospective employers validate the knowledge and skills of potential employees and save valuable time in assessing the skills of job applicants.

The best part? Hazelcast credentials are FREE. To sign up for the credentials training and exam, go to Select Credentials Learning Paths, then the credential program you want to start. When you’ve completed the program, you’ll get your official electronic badge delivered to your e-mail. Add it to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, and any other social media bragging you want to do about your accomplishment.

As a bonus, the first 100 people who sign up for a credential between now and Dec. 31, 2020, will receive a package of Hazelcast swag – our way of thanking you in advance for developing your Hazelcast expertise.

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