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Hazelcast 1.9.4 is released!

September 06, 2011

1.9.4 is now final. We all have been waiting for this release long enough. Now it is time to enjoy it!

Other news: * Our new product: Hazelcast Elastic Memory: Off-heap memory storage to avoid GC pauses. * New features are added into our Management Center product such as map config change in-runtime and TimeTravel. We will keep putting a lot of work into Elastic Memory and Management Center while making Hazelcast even stronger, faster and easier.

1.9.4 Release Notes:

  • New WAN Replication (synchronization of separate active clusters).
  • New Data Affinity (co-location of related data and computation) feature.
  • New EC2 Auto Discovery for your Hazelcast cluster running on Amazon EC2 platform.
  • New Distributed Semaphore implementation.
  • New Distributed CountDownLatch implementation.
  • Improvement: Distribution contains HTML and PDF documentation besides Javadoc
  • Improvement: Better TCP/IP and multicast join support.
  • Improvement: Memcache protocol: Better integration between Java and Memcache clients.Put from memcache, get from Java client.
  • 200+ commits 25+ bug fixes and several other enhancements
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About the Author

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