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Zoltan Baranyi

Zoltan Baranyi

Senior Software Engineer

Zoltan joined Hazelcast in 2018 as a core engineer. He wrote his first line of Java code in 2000 and has been using the language and the related technologies in his daily work since 2004. Before joining Hazelcast, he had designed and developed components for a wide spectrum of applications including algorithmic trading, online payment and loyalty, fleet tracking, and online self-service systems. Zoltan is passionate about performance and enjoys working on challenges covering lower-level topics such as hardware, operating system, or JVM internals.

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Using Memkind in Hazelcast

Zoltan Baranyi
by Zoltan Baranyi

This post was co-authored with Michal Biesek, a software engineer at Intel. It was originally published on the pmem.io blog as well. If interested in Persistent Memory development or PMDK in particular, check the other posts there, too. The mission of the PMDK team has always been and will always be to make programming persistent […]


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